Jason Derulo did the TikTok Wipe It Down challenge as Spider-Man


With great TikTok power comes great display ability!

So as you may already know, the Wipe It Down challenge is the latest and most important thing on TikTok:

And if you have no idea what I'm talking about, it's basically a challenge where the TikTokers are filmed wiping a mirror off BMW Kenny's song "Wipe It Down,quot;, only to reveal an alternate version of themselves:

Even some celebrities, like Will Smith, have jumped on the trend:

But earlier today, Jason Derulo (who's pretty prolific on TikTok) took part in the challenge and feared Spider-Man, and, well, he definitely won this one:

I mean, everything told a story and with PRODUCTION value. It had the bite of the radioactive spider!

Jason's transformation to Spider-Man.

Spider-Man / Jason discovering his ability to shoot cobwebs.

I really hope this gets an Academy Award nomination for Best Short Film (Live Action) (listen, no movies come out, so there's a chance!).

Now my only real question: How the heck does Jason's TikTok video have better special effects than Cats?


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