Iggy Azalea got into a fight with a fan who criticized her new curvy body after posting these photos


Iggy Azalea seems fed up with all the conversations about her body after it was reported that she recently received a baby with her boyfriend, Playboi Carti.

The woman was taken to social media, where she flaunted her curves in a crop top. The Australian diva had straight, loose hair on her shoulders.

As Iggy chose to have her slim figure captivate, a fan told her that she looked great after gaining weight.

She replied, "Why do I have to gain weight because I want to post some selfies? The obsession with my body that you have is not healthy. I posted a photo of my body last week. I HAVE AN F * CKING PACKAGE. Please get a life. It is not necessary that every image I publish be of my body. "

This reviewer stated, “When you post photos on social media sites, you leave the window open for criticism or whatever people want to say! Save your photos to yourself or deal with people's opinions 🙄 "

One follower stated, "They get a thousand positive comments and choose to point out the negative. I understand it's hard to ignore, but why waste the energy. They weren't even rude. The weight looks good … very offensive! So I guess this is confirms that we will never see the baby. "

This person stated, "Stop crying, and you drew that attention now that it's what you have to deal with … most of her followers follow her to see her body. El️ The fact that she's defending her abs while working for them 😩 "

Another commenter made this comment: "Meanwhile, she is the one who always shows her body 🤷🏽‍♂️..when the public is used to seeing you in a certain way, get mad when we call you,quot; and that's a fact. People are obsessed with people's bodies. She wants to be famous, but she doesn't want what comes with being famous. 🤷🏽‍♀️ Stop posting photos of your bOdY later 🙄 ".

This installer wrote this note: "I didn't find any offense to what the guy said. He said, 'Match your weight gain', I don't see how embarrassing that body is 🤷🏽‍♀️ You know you don't have to examine the entire body of a person to notice if he gains weight or not, regular or facial contact characteristics can also signal a change. "


Iggy was right to react this way?

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