Hillary Duff criticizes brief rumor that her family is involved in human trafficking

Hillary Duff

Earlier this week, social media users began to speculate that Hillary Duff and her family were somehow involved in human trafficking, a rumor that the actress immediately stomped on it before it even started.

Page Six picked up a post from the 32-year-old star this Saturday in which she had been accused of human trafficking. Hillary was reportedly criticized by people online after posting a photo of her 8-year-old son without clothes.

After the controversy that followed, or rather, after the cascade of angry social media commenters deemed the photo inappropriate, Duff went and removed the post.

Regarding this same clip, Duff acknowledged that someone was not happy with the video, so she and her man removed it by covering it with a sticker. For the most part, users thought the image was just a standard family photo, while others believed that there was something much more malicious.

An online follower wrote that one of the main reasons celebrities could get away with trafficking their children around Hollywood's elites is because no one is reporting them. However, the person admitted that they had similar photos on their private Facebook account, which is for close family and close friends.

The user went on to say that even in that case, it's usually just a little "butt crack." In Duff's case, however, the user said he was no longer a baby. He was an 8 year old boy.

The user joked that after 18 months have passed and he is no longer a newborn baby, it is time to move on and "cut it." In response to criticism, Duff admitted and acknowledged that everyone is very bored right now.


He thought aloud that the accusation was "unpleasant,quot;, before saying that whoever had that idea should stay away from social networks and his phone. Maybe even "get a hobby,quot;. Duff fans know this is not the first time he has brought someone homework for his children.

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