Eva Marcille shared the sweetest photo of Michael Sterling and his son, Maverick: these two are twinning!


Eva Marcille shared a beautiful photo with her husband, Michael Sterling, and their baby, Maverick. The two boys are twinning, and fans said the baby took the face of his entire father! Check out the photo below.

Fans are shocked at how much father and son are alike.

One commenter said, "Give it cuter … How could you not jump into bed and squeeze, hug and kiss #decorate the simple things in life, baby."

Someone else posted this: "My heart melted. I'll come later, hahaha," and a follower posted this: "Men who look at their children like that, really love their children." I see this look in my house every day! "

A follower said: ‘Good morning @evamarcille I hope this is not overlooked, Lord God, please touch that person who is in a dark place and wants to give up, who is depressed and hopeless. Let them know that they can bend but won't break! "

Someone else posted this: "If Mike had a DNA test, he would say: The DNA test results conclude that ALL Mississippi Blind Children Choir can see that this is your baby,quot; bebé Such a wonderful family I'm so glad that you and Marley STERLING have peace, happiness and love now!

One commenter exclaimed, "Awww is so handsome !!! My son has exactly that jumpsuit right now!" And another follower posted, "It's a shame Marley Rae doesn't know her true father's love because of you." .

In other news, Eva shared a product she has been using during this quarantine for hand sanitizing, and managed to spark massive debate among her fans with this post.

Also, you may recall that not too long ago, Eva also made sure to criticize a theory related to the blockade.


Apart from this, Eva has been hanging out at home these days with her lovely family and has made sure to keep her fans updated on her social media account.

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