Donald Trump campaign launches "You are not black,quot; t-shirts after the recent comment by Joe Biden


Donald Trump's campaign wasted no time shooting when it comes to the 2020 presidential race. On Friday, T-shirts with the phrase "You're not black,quot; were uploaded to Trump's official website in response to Joe Biden's comment during a recent interview.

Like us previously Joe was reportedly recently interviewed by Charlamange Tha God for the Breakfast Club, and while they were discussing the black vote, Charlamange spoke to Joe about going to New York to discuss the plans as the election approaches.

However, Joe wanted people to know that "you are not black," if you cannot find out if you are for him or for Donald Trump.

He said, "If you have a problem knowing if you are for me or Trump, then you are not black."

Take a look at my record man. I extended voting rights 25 years. My record is second to none. The NAACP has supported me every time I run. Take a look at my record, "he continued.

According to the New York Times, Joe later apologized for his comment and said, "He shouldn't have been so arrogant."

It goes without saying that the Trump campaign wasted no time in seizing the opportunity with the shirts.

The t-shirts, which cost $ 30, have a description on the website that says, "Joe Biden actually told African Americans that they,quot; ARE NOT BLACK "if they support President Donald J. Trump! Wear this shirt and make sure NOBODY forgets the #YouAintBlack words that came out of Joe Biden's mouth! "

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