Denzel Washington helps Los Angeles police lift a homeless stranger from danger


Seeing the man in the middle of a busy street while driving through West Hollywood, the star / director of & # 39; Fences & # 39; stays with him to provide support when the police arrive.

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Denzel Washington It does not allow the coronavirus pandemic to prevent you from coming to the rescue of a stranger. On Thursday afternoon, May 21, the actor plays the corrupt police officer in "Training Day"He was caught on camera helping Los Angeles police console a homeless man who was dangerously approaching oncoming traffic.

The 65-year-old Oscar winner, as reported by TMZ, was driving through West Hollywood around 1 p.m. when she saw the man in distress. He quickly stopped his Range Rover and persuaded the man to get out of danger on the sidewalk. Dressed in a gray T-shirt and black basketball shorts, he covered his face with a medical mask, while the man wore no protection.

When the police arrived later, the man was briefly detained, but was quickly released. Denzel was by the man's side the entire time. At some point, he was seen talking to the man and placed a hand on the man's shoulder in an effort to comfort him. He was also seen giving the man food, drink, and a face mask.

Denzel is known for being one of Hollywood's generous stars. He has donated to the Fisher House Foundation, which helps military families, and the Wiley College debate team after starring in 2007 "The great debates"He has also opened his home to"Power"actor Omari Hardwick when he went bankrupt.

Speaking to Loni love during a 2016 interview on a daytime talk show "The real"Omari spilled that Denzel and his wife Pauletta Washington "It gave me shelter when I didn't have a place to stay." He shared at the time, lived in his car, and showered at the YMCA.

The former star of "Being Mary Jane"He also revealed that Pauletta approached him when his car was about to be repossessed." Pauletta Washington paid, and this is the first time that I probably said it on camera, she paid for my car, you know, not to be returned. They paid for it. He called and said, "I have to get Denzel's approval first, but he was like" all good ", he recalled.