Coronavirus in Colorado, May 23: a look at the latest updates on COVID-19


On Friday, Colorado public health officials gave Douglas County the go-ahead to reopen restaurants, gyms, houses of worship and the Park Meadows Mall at 50% occupancy. This is the first time that CDPHE has provided a safer home order variance to a metropolitan area county.

Meanwhile, more than 1,000 deaths have been directly attributed to COVID-19 and more than 1,300 have been associated with the disease. Health officials also announced that there were more than 23,000 confirmed cases and that almost 145,000 people had been evaluated.

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Here are the updates for May 21.

What's new

  • Douglas County restaurants, houses of worship, gyms, and Park Meadows Mall may partially reopen after state grants variance
  • Suicides in Colorado fell 40% during the first 2 months of the coronavirus pandemic, but crisis line calls increased
  • Vacation in the midst of a pandemic: Americans divided on how to respond


  • These Colorado grocery stores, retail outlets, and restaurants have outbreaks of coronavirus
  • More symptoms, no hit drugs: what we now know, and don't know yet, about the coronavirus
  • These Colorado cities and counties require that masks be worn in public places.
  • These Colorado counties have extended their stay-at-home orders
  • Colorado coronavirus faq
  • Coronavirus Timeline: An In-Depth Look at COVID-19 in Colorado
  • Colorado Coronavirus Map: Where Are Cases Reported?
  • Colorado unemployment FAQ: how to apply, missing PIN details, and more
  • Do I have the coronavirus? This is what you should do if you are not sure.
  • Colorado Coronavirus Housing FAQs: Resources for Renters and Homeowners
  • How social distancing works and what it means to you
  • Within the growing movement against the closure of Colorado

The numbers

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Join our Facebook group for the latest updates on Coronavirus in Colorado.


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