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Colin Kaepernick appears as & # 39; retired & # 39 ;, then & # 39; UFA & # 39; on the NFL site

<pre><pre>Colin Kaepernick appears as & # 39; retired & # 39 ;, then & # 39; UFA & # 39; on the NFL site

Colin Kaepernick's NFL "retirement,quot; didn't last long. In fact, according to the quarterback's girlfriend, it never happened.


And now the site where that information was listed seems to agree with it.

The intrigue began Friday night when Nessa Dab, Kaepernick's longtime girlfriend, tweeted her anger that Kaepnerick was listed as retired on her NFL.com gamer page. It seems that she was reported for other user.

Users who responded to his post, in addition to rethinking their usual uncharitable positions on Kaepernick, claimed that the site regularly lists players who have long been inactive as retirees, even if they have never announced their retirement. Tim Tebow received a shout as an example.

Later Friday, Kaepernick was listed as "UFA / San Francisco 49ers,quot; (unrestricted free agent) on this NFL.com player page. ProFootballTalk.com noted that the site was recently redesigned; Are there multiple cached / beta versions of the live page on the internet? Or has the player page just been updated?

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Interestingly, Kaepernick cannot be searched as retired or active in the main players section of the site. There is no "UFA,quot; button.

Kaepernick, 32, has not played in the NFL since the end of the 2016 season. A training scheduled by the NFL last November in Georgia failed to attract the teams' interest, and both the league and Kaepernick were criticized for how they handled the event.




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