Cardi B calls critics after Roddy Ricch unpacks his Grammy

<pre><pre>Cardi B calls critics after Roddy Ricch unpacks his Grammy

The successful & # 39; Bodak Yellow & # 39; He also previously shared a video of her unpacking a package that held her 62nd Annual Grammy Awards trophy, only to be criticized by critics.

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Cardi B She is not happy with the different reactions she is having after showing her Grammy. She faced a backlash after recently posting a video of her award in the mail, and many on the Internet accused her of doing it for attention. However, when winning partner Roddy Ricch did the same, received nothing but praise.


By pointing that out, Cardi was ranting on her Twitter account. "Where were the people who said I published my Grammy a couple of days ago to get attention?" The winner of the Best Rap Album wrote on Wednesday, May 20, in a now-deleted tweet. "I bet you feel stupid now."

In a separate post, hit creator "Bodak Yellow" added: "I was unpacking things in my story and I unpacked my Grammy. Motherf *** ers where I was very strong claiming I was unpacking to get attention, trying to shine. Now Roddy, I just got yours! Mind you, I was just unpacking packages that came to my house. "

Cardi B Grammy

Cardi B criticized her enemies who beat her for posting a photo of her Grammy.


This came after Cardi took to her Instagram account on May 13 to share a video of her unpacking a package that held her 62nd Annual Grammy Awards trophy. Cardi's name and the title "Best Rap Album – 2018", which she won for her debut album, "Invasion of Privacy", were engraved on the plate under the gold gramophone.

As for Roddy, he flaunted his first Grammy on Instagram Story on Wednesday. "Thank you @nipseyhussle," Roddy, who won Best Rap Performance for "Racks in the Middle," honored his late collaborator.

Roddy Ricch received his Grammy

Roddy Ricch thanked Nipsey Hussle for his Grammy win.

Prior to this, the 21-year-old Compton star reflected on Nipsey's impact on both him and his community. "He was more than just a rapper to me. He was one of the motivating young role models in town," Roddy shared. "I really had a positive connection with young people. It wasn't always about being the toughest or trying to prove yourself or being something you weren't. It was more about being who you were and always having a strong mindset about whatever you wanted to go as far as your adventures. "