Boosie Badazz criticizes claims that child support payments were missed


Almost two weeks ago, it was reported that the Attorney General of the Georgia State Department of Human Services filed a lawsuit against Boosie Badazz for failing to pay child support. The rapper has taken to Instagram to voice his complaints.

Don Snow filed the lawsuit on behalf of Boosie's baby mother Gelisa Hayes, who claims she is not receiving adequate child support and would like him to provide health insurance for the 11-year-old boy. The documents presented threaten the artist that if he doesn't start paying a reasonable amount, they will start to get his salary.

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According to Lil Boosie, he has never missed a payment, even when his daughter lives with him for months.

In an Instagram post, Boosie explains: Para So people are on my DM saying I'm a useless parent, you got me screwed !! I have never missed a child support payment with any of my children. My son wants nothing. I have never missed a payment. My daughter has a great relationship. I am sure she will be as angry as I am. I have never missed a payment. Not a single BM. Even when my children accompany me for 3-4 months. They don't have to ask their mother for anything. She wants nothing. None of them.

Although it is clear that the rapper is upset by the claims, he made it clear that he has no ill will towards his little mother.

‘Me n m BM’s r is not reinforced at all. "We could disagree on some things, but one of them is that I don't gamble with your money so that you keep coming after me saying that I'm not taking care of my children, they are bulls." My daughter works for her dad and earns her own money. She just came back with a rack (11 years old) from working. She and my children. "


Hopefully, parents can solve whatever the problem is.

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