Alyssa Milano wore a crocheted coronavirus mask and people are roasting it for that


If you were ready to tease Alyssa Milano for wearing a crocheted Coronavirus mask, you may want to avoid sarcasm. It all started on Saturday afternoon when Alyssa shared a photo of herself, her husband Dave Bugliari, and the couple's two children: Milo and Elizabella in a car wearing their face masks. He added a PSA style caption and encouraged everyone to show off their facial masks. The problem quickly arose when Alyssa wore a creamy white face mask that was filled with gaps that usually arise on the crochet hook. People started roasting Alyssa telling her that her mask had holes and that it was practically ineffective.

It looked like it would have been enough, but then people started taking photos with ridiculous masks and tweeted them on Alyssa, with answers that their masks were more effective than hers. A simple call Alyssa Milano stupid for wearing the mask and posting a photo of her!

This really seemed to piss Alyssa off, who replied that her mother does the crochet face shield and includes a charcoal filter in the lining. Wow. Way to reach enemies, Alyssa!

In fact, Alyssa's carbon-lined crochet Coronavirus mask is probably safer than the ones most people wear! You can see Alyssa's applause in the tweet below.

You might think that Alyssa's answer that the crochet mask has a lining would be enough to silence critics, but it didn't. Some did not believe that there really was a carbon filter and challenged Alyssa to take a photo showing the mask with the filter. Alyssa did not share a photo of her mask and filter. Instead, he shared a photo of filters on Amazon for sale.

What do you think about the applause of Alyssa Milano? Did you see his original tweet and the responses he received? Did you agree with those who looked at the mask and wondered why it had a face covered with holes?


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