50 Cent Denies Participation in Attack on Mocking Graffiti Artist


Australian artist lushlux previously claimed on Instagram that he was hospitalized earlier this month after about 6 or 7 people beat him up on the street for his 50 Cent paintings.

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50 cents He broke his silence after being criticized after an attack on an Australian artist who has been trolling the rapper with his murals. The creator of hits "In Da Club" went to his Instagram account to clarify that the physical attack on the artist of the mural, who goes by the name of lushlux on Instagram, had nothing to do with him.

"The artist received (a punch emoji) in the (a face emoji) that was not me," said Fiddy next to a picture of a mural that crushed his face with Lady Gaga& # 39; s. "I didn't do that."

His post came after lushlux revealed in his Instagram post on Tuesday, May 19 that he was hospitalized earlier this month after about 6 or 7 people hit him on the street for his 50 Cent paintings. "Unfortunately, about 6 or 7 smooth brains on the street already put me in the hospital this month because of this shit," he said, along with a bloody picture of his visit to the hospital.

"I don't like to mention all the bad things I have to deal with just to paint, ha ha, you laugh, now pictures on the walls, but I guess now is an opportunity," he continued. "I constantly have to involuntarily fight people (among other crazy things you wouldn't believe even if I told you) on the street who for whatever reason cooked seem to feel the need to approach me on a wall and start trouble."

Despite the attack, he stated that "he will never stop me from doing what 99.8% of what everyone else seems for the most part laugh, because they are not sociatic pieces of shit."

Before the attack, Fiddy commented on one of his latest jobs, which put the "Power"star / co-creator face on Mike TysonHead. Apparently not happy with that, the rapper wrote in his Instagram post: "This guy needs shit, he's still doing this." Taking Fif's comment as a joke, Lushlux replied, "Does 50 seem to want more walls?"