Trump continues to lie about facial masks


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President Trump He visited the Ford plant in Michigan on Thursday, and when he was not extolling the greatness of Henry Ford, a vilified racist and anti-Semite, he was busy showing his contempt for the basic safety of Covid-19 by refusing to wear a mask.

CNN reports Trump brought a navy face mask with the presidential seal with it to the Ford plant, but he did not put it in front of the cameras and did not use it while touring the factory.

"I didn't want to give the press the pleasure of seeing it," Trump said. Someone managed Take a photo and sent it to TMZ anyway. But more alarming was the fact that Trump told reporters that he was informed that wearing a mask "was not necessary."

Ford sources He told CBS News that no one said that. In fact, they were surprised by Trump's decision to give up a mask.

From CBS:

When Trump removed his mask, the president felt compelled not to object, the sources said. When asked by a reporter if he agreed that the president not wear a mask, Ford replied, "It is your choice."

Ford's policy is for everyone to wear personal protective equipment on the premises, and Ford said it informed the White House of that policy prior to Mr. Trump's visit.

Detroit News reports that Trump was only wearing a mask during a private tour of three Ford GTs.

Suffice it to say that the United Auto Workers is angry!

Although some in the President's entourage do not follow the health and safety protocols at the plant today, we want to make it clear that CDC guidelines have not changed and it is vitally important that our members continue to follow the protocols that are have implemented to safeguard themselves, their families, and their communities.

This deadly virus has already taken the lives of 25 of our UAW members and thousands of Americans. These protocols are literally a matter of life and death, and that is why the UAW has been working tirelessly with companies to ensure that everything that can be done to keep our members and our communities safe. "

It's like Trump is trying to upset so many people in the Michigan StateA crucial state of oscillation!

Zoom moms they are, apparently, the new deciding vote that Democrats and Republicans have in mind.

Here is Axios description of this important demography:

She can't be a soccer mom because soccer is canceled. She is not a conventional security mother as America's greatest threat is now measured in microns. In a coronavirus-defined election year, the new voter to watch is Mom Zoom.

In other words, this is just the typical suburban (white) woman vote, repackaged for the covid-19 era. Axios spoke to a Democratic pollster who said: "What the campaigns will seek to do is equip these Zoom mothers to organize more, more persuasion, more voter registration and more communication on their networks.–in his book club, in his church club, in his mothers' Listserv. "

Just when you received Zoom fatigue from your friends, prepare to receive Zoom fatigue from your Aunt Sally. Joy!


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