These photos will remind you of the undeniable beauty of Boston


Boston is stunning and before Memorial Day weekend (the unofficial start of summer) we want to remind you of the undeniable beauty of the city. We have been asking readers to submit photos of Boston in the spring. The results have been magnificent. Scroll down to see six reader-submitted photos of our city.

Downtown Boston at night. Submitted by Gregory Sabin. —Gregory Sabin
Buildings seen from Newbury Street and Berkeley Street. Submitted by Ketan Gajria. —Ketan Gajria
Back Bay on the Longfellow Bridge. Submitted by Trisha Pasricha. —Trisha Pasricha
Downtown Boston and the Charles River from Cambridge. Submitted by Mike Ste. Marie —Mike Ste. Marie
Boston clipped from the Charles River. Submitted by Stephanie Alliette. -Stephanie Alliette
Back Bay seen from Cambridge. Submitted by Zoran Vidanovic. —Zoran Vidanovic

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