The former 112 members Daron and Q say they will not participate in the battle of & # 39; Verzuz & # 39; against Jagged Edge

Former 112 members Daron and Q said they won't be participating in a Memorial Day "Versus" battle against Jagged Edge due to a legal issue.

Could there be a drama at the forefront of Monday's long-awaited "Verzuz,quot; battle between Jagged Edge and 112?

It looks like it is. Former 112 Daron and Q Parker members posted messages on their personal pages to inform fans that they will not be joining their former bandmates in an epic battle, which we exclusively report, against Jagged Edge on Memorial Day due to an unresolved legal problem.

While Daron and Q didn't go into detail about what the problem is, it's clear that there may be something underlying their former group members.

The band broke up in 2018 after briefly reuniting to begin the Diddy & # 39; s Bad Boy reunion tour. It seems that then, the group members split up, with Q and Daron leaving the group.

And apparently, this was not the first time. They met after a hiatus of almost a decade, but that meeting was short-lived and things never seem to be the way they used to be.

Still, Slim and Mike continued to tour as 112 with two new band members.

Despite the past drama, fans were hopeful that Daron and Q would return to participate in Monday's battle, but sadly confirmed that it cannot.

“Dear 112 fans, thank you for the outpouring (of) love and support. It is amazing and we appreciate how much of their hearts and souls they have poured into our careers, "said Daron's message." We are simply impressed by the passion you have for our music. But unfortunately we will not be participating in the next Verzuz with Jagged Edge due to an ongoing legal issue that is not resolved. "

He ended his note to fans with the following: "PS From our mouths to their hearts, Q and I never gave up on 112 or our fans. This is a fabricated lie and not our narrative. In due course, you will receive the true narrative. Until then, we love you and thank you again for your continued support. "

We hope the boys can figure it out this time for the sake of R,amp;B fans everywhere.

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