Sharon Osbourne remembers being bullied and embarrassed by the brother and his friends


Osbourne's matriarch revisits the difficult childhood when she reveals her tumultuous relationship with separated brother David Arden since they were children.

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Sharon Osbourne has accused his separated brother David Arden of fat shame "as a young man.

The wife of 67 years of Black saturday rocker Ozzy Osbourne spoke about the lasting impact his words had on her during an episode of her American television show "The conversation"Thursday, May 21, 2020.

"My brother used to embarrass me," he said. "(He) used to get his friends together. He stays with you. Sometimes I was bigger than others. My weight has always gone up and down, and that's it."

"It's been going on for hundreds of years, people keep talking about people's weight. And it will never end."

Sharon and David haven't spoken in 13 years after they quarreled over where to bury their father Don Arden.

In a previous interview, Sharon claimed that she had given her brother almost $ 605,000 in cash to help him over the years, but claimed that she wanted Ozzy to leave him money in his will.

And although David has apparently tried to contact Sharon and Ozzy's three children, she doesn't want them to respond to her pleas.