Pamela Anderson hates the movie & # 39; Baywatch & # 39; by Dwayne Johnson


Despite making a cameo in the big screen version, the original actress of the TV series & # 39; Baywatch & # 39; He insists that the program should remain on the small screen.

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Pamela Anderson wasn't a fan of the "Baywatch"movie.

The actress, who starred in the surf series on television and had a cameo in Dwayne Johnson's big screen remake, insists that "Baywatch" should never have left the small screen.

"I didn't like it," he said during an appearance on "Watch what happens live"Thursday night, May 21, 2020." Let's keep bad television as bad television; that's the enchantment of Baywatch … "

"It took $ 65 million to make a & # 39; great & # 39; movie; we did our shows for, like, $ 500,000, it was, like, a real shoot. We had the same explosions, the same underwater scenes."