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OAKLAND (Up News Info SF) – Members of the Class of 2020 who graduated from Skyline High School received a surprise message on Friday from a special guest speaker during their online start: Oscar-winning actor and famous Skyline alumnus Tom Hanks .

The online start exercise forced by the current coronavirus pandemic was the first ceremony of the year for the Oakland Unified School District. Like all ceremonies taking place this year in the district, students, faculty administrators, and families watched the virtual graduation on their computers.

A district press release noted that it was possibly "due to the extraordinary circumstances of the shelter in place and all that the Class of 2020 has had to endure this year,quot; that the school was able to organize the video message from Skyline's most recognizable . graduate. He was able to secure a video message from his most famous graduate.

Hanks opened the video message by greeting the Class of 2020 by introducing himself as a graduate of the Class of 1974 and initially gesturing toward the room at his home behind him and jokingly welcoming George C. Bliss Field.

"Okay, this is not George C. Bliss Field, as you know. You are not there on the grounds of Skyline High School. You are not near your locker in Building 20 or Building 30. He will not take over the electronics in Building 10, "he said, acknowledging the strangeness of the beginning of this year.

“Somewhere outside the destination of every high school student, you were chosen to graduate this year, in the year 2020. To begin the next chapter of your life in the face and in the midst of so many changes. Good luck to you, ”said Hanks. “Congratulations on overcoming these years of struggle, which I believe will ultimately lead to victory as you pursue your heart's desire. Follow those instincts and always understand that you have been chosen by destiny to lead the way to what our post-pandemic world is. Make it great, will you? We all trust you. "

He continued, giving greetings to the upper class officers as well as to the co-principals of the school before some final words of encouragement to the graduates.

"You did it. You didn't give up. You have been the best example for the rest of us to move on, with faith and hope, hard work, and with no small amount of faith in the serandipity that is on the way," Hanks said.

KPIX 5 would like to extend the station's congratulations to the graduating class at Skyline.


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