Los Angeles Garcetti Denies Trump's Claim That COVID Remaining In Place Is Illegal – Up News Info


In a letter to Los Angeles officials, Assistant Attorney General Eric Dreiband said recent comments by Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti suggesting that orders to stay home may stay longer in Los Angeles "may be both arbitrary and illegal "

Garcetti, when asked to respond, said: "We are not guided by politics in this. We are guided by science … There is nothing else. We can do this and save lives. People's lives are at stake." .

Garcetti rejected the claim by White House adviser Dr. Birx that the Los Angeles numbers are lagging behind in a troubling way.

"I think we rank 82nd in deaths per capita," Garcetti said. "We have seen a plateau … The seven-day average remains."

So is the White House playing politics with a democratic mayor in a Democrat-led state? "I will leave that to you," Garcetti told reporters.

However, he said, "We could continue to use the aid." But, said the mayor, "let's not open the day before, because" people's lives are at stake. "


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