Kelly Henderson addresses the rumors that she had an affair with Jay Cutler when he was still married to Kristin Cavallari!


Amid speculation that she and Jay Cutler had an affair while he was still married to his former best friend, Kristin Cavallari, fans were convinced that Kelly Henderson shared a photo with a man to annoy everyone and that only caused more drama. With that said, Kelly wasted no time before applauding the trolls.

Kelly responded to users accusing her of that and also vehemently denied the matter during a new interview.

Meanwhile, social media users thought he was mocking speculation on the matter by suggesting that the man in a photo he posted not too long ago was Jay.

This plugin was subtitled, needed Happy Hour Much Needed. Happy Friday to all of you, "and he introduced her drinking some wine with an unknown man.

The reason she was not identified was because both she and the man in her company did not have their faces visible in the image.

They wore matching bead bracelets, however, and fans were quick to point out that Jay also often wears a very similar bracelet.

Kelly argued that ‘I wear that bracelet every day and had no idea that you guys would make this a thing. FYI – all children do that. Especially in this quarantine. Sorry, you choose to keep wasting time with bulls ** t. I did not start this narrative and went on with my life a long time ago. You keep trying to make it into something. "

But some critics told him that he should have stopped the rumors on the matter!

Kelly replied that though Do you see what happens when I get involved? There is no point in trying to stop him and I refuse to send any more hatred by telling people they like to stir the pot, my side of the story. You don't know what you're talking about and that's all I'll say. You're wasting your damn time here. "


Kelly addressed the photo earlier this week as well, saying that the man in the photo is her boyfriend and that he is a "private person."

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