Katy Perry uses Orlando Bloom's son to practice his parenting skills

<pre><pre>Katy Perry uses Orlando Bloom's son to practice his parenting skills

The singer of & # 39; Never Really Over & # 39; She receives a crash course in parenting during the coronavirus blockade, as she isolates herself with several family members, including her fiancé's son.

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Blocking the coronavirus has given Katy Perry the opportunity to become familiar with parenting before she becomes a first-time mom this summer.


Pregnant pop star isolates herself with fiancé Orlando Bloom and her nine-year-old son Flynn, as well as several young family members, and the experience is serving as a crash course in parenting.


"There is a three-year-old and a six-year-old, and my brother has an eight-month-old baby and Orlando has a nine-year-old son," he tells the host of the UK chat show. Graham Norton.

"I'm learning to be a mom quickly. Kids gravitate towards me through my music, so I'm used to them, but I'm not used to being woken up very early in the morning looking at me from the side. Bed!"

She recently told Entertainment Tonight, "I have found many ways to be incredibly grateful and to unite with my family on a deeper level than ever before, rather than just a vacation or a vacation. There is a new foundation being established within families. and between partners and I think the people who are quarantined together. We will never forget this time. "

On Friday, Perry started "Good morning america"The summer concert series performing" Daisies "and" Never Really Over "in their backyard.


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