Katy Perry opens up about her struggle with depression – she says "I couldn't even imagine living!"


Katy Perry spoke about her depression and revealed that it was so severe that she couldn't even "imagine living." Fortunately, however, the singer, who is currently expecting her first child, says she found "light at the end of life." tunnel. & # 39;

However, his mental health problems had a lot of influence on his last job.

During a new interview with Good Morning America, Katy said, "I was clinically depressed and when I got out of it, I didn't know what my life was like." I really couldn't imagine living, to be completely honest. (Fans) can wait for a record about resilience and find the light at the end of the tunnel … "Daisies,quot; is a song about chasing your dreams and not worrying about what other people think about it. "

The pregnant singer also shared how she was able to overcome that difficult period in her life.

‘Now I have done the work and I am still doing it physically, emotionally, spiritually, psychologically and I have come to this light at the end of the tunnel. (I realized) I am going to live and I am going to bring life to the world. So far it ends in a positive place, "Katy revealed, referring to her first pregnancy.

The singer is expected to give birth to her fiancé Orlando Bloom's little daughter in just a few weeks.

This will be his first son, while the actor is the father of two children, since he also has a son from his previous marriage.


Katy also mentioned her decision to release new music in the midst of quarantine, simply explaining that as soon as she receives her bundle of joy, she will enter her own type of personal quarantine, so this was the only time suitable to do so!

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