Kandi Burruss reveals the real reason why Nene Fuga left the RHOA meeting: "It had nothing to do with us,quot;


Nene Leakes made a dramatic start in the second part of the Real Housewives of Atlanta meeting last Sunday. The self-proclaimed Queen of Atlanta explained that she left because her co-stars were attacking her; However, Kandi Burruss asks to be different.

Kandi recently spoke to TooFab after messing with Leakes in the episode. The singer revealed the real reason why the Glee student dropped out of the conversation.

‘The funny thing is that she told everyone that she left because we attacked her, which was a lie. We weren't even talking about her or talking to her anymore. The reason he got up and left was because Yovanna posted that she was about to appear on the show. "

Nene added that she thought it was unfair that Yovana Momplaisir was called to the show, but that other people mentioned in stories like the infamous Cookie Lady or Marc Daly were not.

Burruss explained exactly what happened before Nene closed her laptop for the last time.

Ne NeNe had already expressed to the production and everyone that he did not want this girl to be able to come to the meeting. And when he realized that Yovanna posted that he was about to come there, like when I tell you literally, two or five minutes after Yovanna posted, NeNe got up and walked away. It had nothing to do with us. She just connected and told everyone that they were attacking her. Of course that had nothing to do with it. It was the part of Yovanna that made her get up and leave. "

She continued to talk about how Nene talked about a great game before the recording, but did not deliver.

‘She was the one who told everyone how she was going to read us, how she would drag us away and let us have it and all this that she was telling anyone who listened. So it's like I showed up at the meeting and clearly wasn't reading much. "


Do you think Yovanna's presence was the last straw for Nene?

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