Jaime King's husband accuses her of cheating and abusing drugs and alcohol


Kyle Newman claims that his separated wife & # 39; & # 39; spent the last decade high & # 39; & # 39; and he refused to seek help when he and his friends recently organized an intervention.

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Jaime KingThe husband made it clear that the couple's divorce will be anything but amicable, calling her addicted while seeking sole physical custody of their children.

Filmmaker Kyle newman He requested an emergency hearing on Friday morning, May 22, 2020, asking a judge to allow him to take custody of his children James, six, and Theo, four, while accusing his separated wife of refusing Get help for your opioid and alcohol addictions.

In documents obtained by TMZ, he goes on to state that King has "passed the past decade."

He alleges that things came to a head in January, when he and a collection of Jaime's friends organized an intervention, pleading with him to seek help.

At the time, Newman told the actress to receive treatment "or that the children and I must leave for their own safety."

Kyle claims that Jaime went to the Cirque Lodge rehab center in Utah, but left shortly after arriving and then went to Canada for filming in early February. She reportedly asked her husband to send her children to her, but she sent them back after three days and confessed to Newman that she was having an affair and was using alcohol and drugs.

The director and his children have isolated themselves in Pennsylvania, and Jaime has only seen his children for three days in the past two months.

King filed for divorce on Monday, May 18, 2020, and also filed for a restraining order to keep Kyle away from her and the children. The judge agreed to the request, but ruled that the children could stay with their father.

According to TMZ, two babysitters and one of Jaime's former aides have submitted statements, describing their alleged opioid addiction and alleging that the children are at risk.

Newman has also asked the judge to give him permission to kick Jaime out of the family home in Los Angeles so he can live there with his children.

The judge rejected his emergency custody order and said both parties can discuss their cases at a later date in court.