Carly Rae Jepsen almost sets the kitchen on fire when she tries to cook during the lockdown


The hit maker "Call me maybe" opens up about the kitchen accident when she enters the kitchen to learn how to cook during the ongoing coronavirus blockade.

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Carly Rae Jepsen Attempts to learn to cook during confinement have been interrupted by a fire in the refrigerator.

Hitmaker "Call Me Maybe" is trapped alone in Los Angeles with her cat during the Covid-19 pandemic, and in addition to working on new music, she has been trying to hone her culinary skills.

However, the star confesses that things have not been exactly planned, and tells The Guardian: "I am trying to learn to cook, that part is not going very well. But everything is fine because I can send a photo of my miserable bread". everyone and make them laugh. "

His efforts have also been hampered by a strange fire in his refrigerator.

"It has been intense for many different reasons," says the Canadian singer of her time in the running of the bulls. "My refrigerator caught on fire. I didn't know about refrigerators to do that. My joke is that I wanted to be a stove."

On working in music with a lifelong collaborator Tavish CroweHe adds, "We already have our own little baby quarantine album. When I don't have an album due to expire right away, I'll just allow myself to experiment. If you heard what we were doing, you'd be", each song sounds completely different & # 39 ;, And that is the point ".