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  • Designers invented a futuristic solution for socializing during a pandemic.
  • It's called Micrashell, and it's packed with personal protection features, as well as tons of silly sci-fi accessories that ensure it's never done.
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Right now, the world as a whole is struggling with a new reality. The new coronavirus pandemic has dramatically changed the way most of us live our daily lives. We are avoiding close contact with our human companions, sitting at home instead of going out, and doing everything we can to keep ourselves and our families safe.

A design group called Production Club decided to take our current situation and execute it, conceptually speaking. The result is a full-body pandemic suit that not only protects the wearer from air damage, but also promotes socialization. It also looks like something straight out of Bounty hunter or some other science fiction movie from the 80s.

It's called Micrashell, and it could be a powerful piece of personal protective equipment for people who don't want to give up their social lives. The designers explain their reason for dreaming the outfit on their website.

"Authorities have introduced social distancing measures as a way to curb the spread of the disease," the website read. "However, beyond the obvious benefits of this action, there are certain drawbacks that make it only viable for a limited period of time, such as its cost to mental health or its impact on the economy."

Okay, pretty fair. Social distancing can't last forever (and it never was), but it's definitely working right now and that's a very good thing. The Micrashell, if it really existed, would allow a person to carry out their daily life without worrying about an airborne illness. But, like any good concept, it's also packed with features that are totally over the top.

For starters, the suit's systems are controlled by a smartphone app. The phone can also be charged with batteries built into the suit. Then there is the voice communication system that actually blocks certain sounds or people based on your preferences. Yes, this suit would let you silence an annoying person why still be able to chat with a friend. There are internal speakers (of course!), So you can listen to music if you want, and of course, lots of pockets and pouches to handle all your items.

Then there is the best part. Since you obviously can't have a soda or take a cloud out of your vaporizer in a full body suit, the designers found a solution. Production Club calls it the "supply system," and it's a container-based delivery system that fits the suit and allows you to drink and vaporize without exposing yourself to the elements. These custom canisters even have LEDs that show how much vape drink or juice is left inside.

Oh, and did I mention the external LEDs that change based on your mood? Or the built-in camera that connects to your phone? Or the "chest eye,quot; lens that shows "real-time things your suit or helmet subsystem might be hiding,quot;? No? Well now I did.

Image Source: Production Club

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