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  • Samsung is rumored to launch a Galaxy Fold Special Edition in July that will cost around $ 1,099.
  • The phone will have the same design as the original phone, as Samsung is looking to clean inventory before the release of the Fold 2.
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The original Galaxy Fold was a great achievement and a major disaster for Samsung. The foldable phone has been in the works for years, and Samsung finally managed to launch a commercial version of it. Unfortunately, the original Fold turned out to have some design flaws that were somehow not detected during testing. Early reviewers forced Samsung to postpone the launch of the Fold, and the phone hit stores last September, five months later than expected. We told you many times throughout the test that you shouldn't be paying $ 2,000 for a phone whose durability was not guaranteed, and nothing has changed since then. Samsung has not given p on the Fold series and plans to launch a second-generation device later this year, probably alongside the Galaxy Note 20 series. A new rumor says that a special edition of Fold will also arrive in July, a phone that It will cost only $ 1,099. While that price is much more wallet friendly, you may want to steer clear of first-generation Fold designs.

Samsung showed the world earlier this year that it learned a lot from its Galaxy Fold adventures. The Galaxy Z Flip that launched in mid-February alongside the Galaxy S20 series turned out to be much better foldable than the first Fold. The phone featured a better starting price ($ 1,400), a more compact design, high-end specs, and a glass instead of plastic display. Hopefully the Fold 2 will inherit some of these features. Rumors say the phone will have a different design, abandoning the ugly side notch of the first-generation model, but we'll have to wait a while to get a full picture of what the next Fold has to offer.

But Samsung is also looking to clear the Galaxy Fold inventory soon by releasing a special edition version of the phone. The news comes through Display Supply Chain Consultants CEO Ross Young, who said it on Twitter.

Young said the Galaxy Fold special edition will arrive in July and will be priced at around $ 1,099. The phone will look like the Galaxy Fold 1, but it could feature several changes that could help Samsung lower the price by almost 50%. We have no idea if the Fold SE will have high-end specs like the original right now. The price is certainly more in line with what you would pay for a new flagship, including Samsung's Galaxy S20.

But the fact that the Fold SE would use the same design as the first Fold means that the phone could pose the same durability risks. The screen will continue to wrinkle, and will remain prone to scratches and punctures. The risk of debris piling up inside the phone hasn't gone away, either, as the crashes of the fixed Galaxy Fold resulted last fall.

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