Best Buy sale includes Surface Go 2, gaming accessories, and more


Best Buy is hosting a one-day tech sale in virtually every category. We've selected a few that are currently in stock, including a bundle containing Microsoft's new Surface Go 2 and a $ 474 type cover. Typically, the tablet costs $ 400, and the Type Cover will cost you at least another $ 100. on top of that, so this is a modest $ 25 package discount. Chances are, you're looking for a type cover with your new Surface Go 2, so you might save a little money, too.

Image: Corsair

Corsair's Dark Core RGB Pro SE gaming mouse with multiple wireless modes (2.4GHz, Bluetooth), a USB-C charging port and Qi wireless charging cradle costs $ 80 at Best Buy. This mouse was originally priced at $ 140, although it recently sold for $ 90. So while it is a small discount, it is worth checking out if you are looking for a gaming mouse with some attractive hardware features.

The AMD Radeon RX 5500 XT desktop graphics card from the manufacturer XFX costs $ 190 (usually $ 220). This GPU has 8GB of GDDR6 memory and PCIe 4.0 compatibility. This model costs $ 10 more on Amazon, and this is generally as affordable as it is for the 8GB version of the card. By context, the more expensive RX 5600 XT is more powerful. You can run most games at 1080p / 60fps with their settings set to maximum, so expect just under 5500 XT. However, if you want to upgrade to the 5600 XT, that option will cost you an additional $ 80 ($ 269) at Best Buy.

Finally, at Walmart, the Final Fantasy VII Remake It has a discount of $ 10 for PS4. At $ 50, this isn't a big price drop, but it's worth taking advantage of if you were already planning to pick it up. The Walmart version of the game includes three double-sided art cards from Final Fantasy VII characters.