ATM cloning fraud: instances of cloned ATM cards in Delhi; customers affected to get a refund: OSE

The State Bank of India (SBI) said cloned ATM card use cases have been reported from the national capital and the refund will be processed for affected customers.

All suspicious transactions must be reported to the originating branch, the lender said.

"Cloned #ATMCards use cases have been reported in Delhi. There appears to be a possible compromise at another bank's ATM. Affected SBI customers are being helped and refunds will be processed according to procedure," he said in a tweet. .

As a precaution and security measure for customers, SBI has also advised account holders to change the ATM PIN at regular intervals, cover the ATM / POS keyboard when entering the PIN, memorize the number of security transaction instead of writing it on the card or anywhere else.

SBI has also urged customers to avoid using birthdays and anniversary dates as PINs and to ensure that their account-linked mobile phone numbers are updated so that transaction-related SMS is not lost.

Among others, it has also asked customers not to share their PIN with anyone, not to allow anyone inside the ATM to withdraw money and not to respond to any email, SMS, etc. who request your confidential data.