Sandra Bullock's daughter makes a rare appearance to the nurse's surprise


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If you needed a reason to cry tears of happiness, look no further than the newly released Mother's Day episode of the star's Facebook Watch show, Red Table Talk. The episode began with a focus on April Buencamino, a mother of two and a nurse administrator who has been working in a Covid-19 unit at her hospital. Buencamino joined Smith, his mother, Adrienne Banfield NorrisAnd your daughter Willow Smith, on the video show and shared their story with viewers, including that their hospital received 6,000 N95 masks donated by Sandra Bullock. While Buencamino said he didn't even know the Oscar winner was in the hospital to donate PPE, he received a sweet surprise when Bullock virtually appeared during the episode to express his gratitude.

"April, thanks for, I'm going to try to say this without crying, thanks for everything you're doing because we sit here and we're at home with our families because you're out there doing the hard, hard, hard work," Bullock told him. .

"There is no dinner and a grace (that) can happen without us sending you the love, appreciation and gratitude that we have as a family because we are safe and I thank you very much," he continued.

"And, as a mother, I know you are afraid, I know you are afraid on many levels and the fact that you were born with that extra gift to go out and do the good job, I bow to you," praised Bullock. "I thank your family for allowing you to leave the house … We are very grateful for you and for all those who do what you do."

April said the most difficult time she has faced so far was when she had to help a teenage daughter have her last words with her dying mother through a window with phones.

Fortunately, April's team was able to benefit from Bullock's donation. The star explained that she had called her children's pediatrician and asked which hospitals represent her family. The Buencamino hospital was one of the main ones, so the actress went with her children in masks and gloves to make the donation.

"So they could see first-hand the first responders and see how difficult it is right now," he explained.

Before wrapping up the segment, Smith surprised her with a $ 50,000 donation to her hospital, as well as a family vacation. But, there was also one more surprise guest: Bullock's daughter, Laila. In 2015, the actress revealed that she had expanded her family and adopted the then-3-year-old Louisiana girl. The famous mother of two has kept her children's privacy over the years, making Laila's rare appearance even more unexpected.

"Hello ladies," he said on camera. "Thanks April for doing everything for everyone."

Tissue please!

Check out the poignant segment in the video above!