Queen's Brian May was hospitalized after "overzealous gardening,quot;


And we will continue working in gardening until the end …

In the middle of the Coronavirus pandemic, Queen& # 39; s Brian May was found at a local hospital. But it turns out it had nothing to do with COVID-19.

"Reality check! For me. No, the virus hasn't caught me yet, thank goodness. I hope everyone stays safe. The decision to relax the controls doesn't make the danger go away suddenly," Brian said. shared on Instagram. "But me? Yes, I've been quiet. Reason? Besides stretching and harassing myself from too many demands … I managed to tear my Gluteus Maximus to pieces in an overly enthusiastic gardening moment."

The rock star continued, "So all of a sudden I find myself in a hospital being scanned to find out exactly how much I've really damaged myself. It turns out I did a complete job."

In his Instagram post, the Queen member shared a video of his hospital room. Then he confirmed that he will not be able to walk or sleep for a while "without much help, because the pain is unrelenting."

"Friends … I need to get dark for a while, rest a bit, at home. Please, please do not send me sympathy, I just need a little healing silence for a while," he shared. "I'll be back, but I need the full break. OK? Thank you. Take care. Bri."

Cole Bennetts / Getty Images

As you've probably guessed, fans quickly sent support for the rocker in the comment section.

And if your Instagram activity is an indication, perhaps Brian is already on his way to feeling better.

In fact, he was able to celebrate Brian May Day at Planet Rock, where the UK radio station played songs by the same man.

"Well … it's not something that happens to a boy every day !!!" shared on Instagram while listening to songs. "I got my own DAY at PLANET ROCK! I'm learning a lot! THAAAAKS Planet Rock guys !!!"

As they always say, music is the best medicine.

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