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Major Reasons Why You Need VIN-Report and What It Includes


If you buy a car in Canada or the United States, you must be one hundred percent sure in its history. In America, there is a special national database called Carfax, which collects information about each registered car in Canada and the United States. In this article, we will tell you how to read the report correctly and what you need to pay special attention to.

Fortunately, checking the history of the car is very simple, and sometimes you can buy it for almost free. We are happy to inform you that there are plenty of reliable Carfax alternatives, which can do the same job for less price. So, why pay more?

VIN Report

What Is a VIN Report and Why to Use It?

This service can be called the most convenient tool for obtaining data on the history of cars from the USA. The report will help buyers to secure themselves from the purchase of a car that has various hidden problems that could cause expensive repair work. The report usually includes data on the car, obtained from a variety of sources:

  • insurance companies;
  • car dealerships;
  • service stations;
  • government agencies, etc.

In other words, the report includes the entire history of the car by VIN, and it is offered to you in a single document.

The Content

The entire report is structured by sections, which allow the client to get an idea of the history of the purchased car. It usually includes five sections, each of which provides certain information:

1) General information: it includes the general characteristics of a car (model, type of engine, fuel on which the car is running, car drive, etc.), the salvage title, damage reports, previous owners, odometer reading reports, etc.

2) A number of owners: it shows the year of purchase, as well as the type of ownership, the state and city where the car was used, the approximate mileage and the latest data from the odometer.

3) Condition: this section includes information about the state of the car at the time of ownership of each of the previous car owners. If in the upper block you notice an exclamation mark (ALERT!) placed in a red triangle, this usually indicates that the car previously had some damage or a malfunction.

4) Extra data: it may include various extra information about the car;

5) Detailed info: The last section includes all the info about each of the former owners: when he purchased the car, what was the mileage at the time of purchase, a source, etc. You will also find out at which service stations the car was repaired or serviced. Comments from experts are also provided.

While searching for information about a VIN-report, you might find offers to receive it for free. We assure you that you will not be able to get a full report for free. It is always worth remembering that the database service is paid and it is also private property. So, trust only reliable services. Good luck!