American Football and Anamanaguchi are hosting a coronavirus relief concert in Minecraft


Various bands and artists come together to organize a virtual benefit concert in Minecraft to raise money for coronavirus research.

Chiptune's band Anamanaguchi is teaming up with the iconic American football band, electronic artist Baths, and other musicians for the free show. The benefit, dubbed "Nether Meant," will occur in a fictional space called Elsewither, which is based at the popular Brooklyn bar Elsewhere. The concert will take place in Minecraft in an area where players can visit, and can also be broadcast on Twitch. The festival is being organized by Open Pit, which has launched festivals in Minecraft previously including Coalchella, Firefest and Mine Gala. You get the picture.

Open Pit is selling VIP passes to attendees, giving members access to a special area in the game, exclusive in-game products, and certain areas in Discord that will allow fans to speak directly to the artists. The proceeds from these passes will go toward Good360's coronavirus relief efforts, according to the event's website. While people are encouraged to hang out in Minecraft For the full experience, the event will also be available on Twitch and Discord.

More virtual concerts are starting to take place in popular online games, including Minecraft Y Fortnite. Marshmello held a long show in Fortnite in February 2019, while last month several DJs met in Minecraft launch an elaborate festival. Artist Soccer Mommy planned to perform for fans at club Penguin. The stories of artists performing in online gaming spaces date back to Second Life. Now, however, more artists are taking advantage of digital spaces due to the restrictions on normal life that have arisen due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Nether Meant will start at 6PM ET on Saturday, April 11. Instructions to get to the concert in Minecraft It can be found on the event website.


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