Bow Wow has ended the life of "lonely,quot; quarantine: "I'm losing my mind,quot;


Roommates, we are all likely to suffer from an extreme case of cabin fever now, and that includes celebrities as well. Bow Wow recently visited Instagram to proclaim how fed up he is being inside due to the coronavirus outbreak, and he's definitely had enough.

Since we are all obligated to continue inside, it means that eventually the cabin fever starts to appear and you begin to feel what you feel for not having the regular dose of human interaction you are used to.

Apparently Bow Wow feels so much this way that he decided to share it with his Instagram followers. He published a video where he explained that he is not only completely on the coronavirus blockade, but he is also "alone,quot; and "alone,quot;.

However, this not all. He noted that since everyone is afraid to go out, he can't find any women who come up and relax with him to make the time inside more enjoyable. Things got so bad for Bow that he said he was "losing his mind."

Financially, he also took a big hit, as the second half of the long-awaited Millennium Tour with him and Omarion was postponed indefinitely due to the virus outbreak. Bow Wow said this has led him to lose money, so he hopes it will end soon.

Meanwhile, on the television front, he recently dropped the WE WE TV reality series "Growing Up Hip Hop,quot; because he wants to move on to "bigger and better things."

Roommates, what do you think about this?


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