Christie Brinkley's daughter talks about wearing the N95 face mask amid the coronavirus crisis


With a backlash after being seen wearing the mask during a recent outing with her boyfriend, Sailor Brinkley Cook insists it is just an old mask from her mother's art studio.

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Model Sailor Brinkley Cook She is defending her decision to wear an on-demand N95 face mask during a recent outing with her boyfriend.

The 21-year-old daughter of Christie Brinkley She became a target on social media when she was seen wearing the mask, which is rare for those who really need it in the midst of the ongoing health crisis.

But she insists that it is just an old mask lying in her mother's art studio.

"To everyone who approaches (very angry) that I have a mask … my mother is an artist and does projects that require me to wear a mask," Sailor wrote online.

"We did not buy them when we found out about the spread of COVID-19. She kept a mask for each of our family members and then donated the rest to local hospitals."

Sailor Brinkley Cook defends wearing N95 face mask amid coronavirus crisis

Sailor Brinkley Cook defends with an N95 mask.

The model also revealed that her mother has been tracking supplies and donating profits from her Bellissima Prosecco brand to heads of the Direct Relief Foundation.