High-level Social Security recipients and students among those who are unlikely to receive a stimulus check


# Roommates, as many Americans anxiously await their next government stimulus check payment, there are a growing number of people who are unlikely to receive it. According to new reports, seniors who receive social security along with high school and college students may find themselves out of luck.

@WashingtonPost reports that the Trump administration is requiring older Americans receiving social security to file a tax return to receive their $ 1,200 economic stimulus check, which is an additional step that most seniors have argued that it should not be necessary to receive payment — and potentially prevent them from receiving financial aid. Additionally, several legislators and advocates for the poor say that filing a tax return should not be required for those on social security because the government already knows how to send them monthly checks. The requirement also states that if someone has not filed a 2019 or 2018 tax return, the US Treasury. USA You still need to get your social security information.

However, older people in social security are not the only ones who could be lost. Most high school and college seniors will not receive any money because the stimulus bill does not provide anything to families of children over the age of 16, which means that 17- and 18-year-old students in High school and college students who are claimed their parents’ tax returns will not receive payment. Immigrant families face similar obstacles, as each member of the immigrant family (regardless of age) must have a valid social security number to receive payment.

Regarding the payment stipulations, the IRS said the following:

“People who generally don’t file a tax return will need to file a simple tax return to receive an economic impact payment. Low-income taxpayers, senior citizens, Social Security beneficiaries, some veterans, and people with disabilities who are not otherwise required to file a tax return will not be required to pay taxes. ”

According to the Center for Budget and Policy Priorities, more than 15 million Americans with social security do not file annual tax returns because their incomes are so low. During the last recession, when the US government USA He sent a stimulus check to most Americans and demanded a filed tax return to get it, 3.5 million Social Security beneficiaries were left out because they never sent a statement.

Roommates, what do you think about this?