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<pre><pre>Amazon Warehouse workers say the company is not doing enough after employee tests tested positive for coronavirus - CBS Los Angeles
MORENO VALLEY (CBSLA) – Many employees leaving the Amazon Fulfillment Center in Moreno Valley declined to comment on security protocols within the warehouse after one of their coworkers tested positive for the new coronavirus.

"Because they are afraid of losing their job," said Laura Williamson, an Amazon employee.

Williamson was not afraid to speak, because she also works there and her life could depend on it.

"I have lupus," he said. "I have a compromised immune system."

She said the company has taken precautions such as amazing changes and breaks, spacing benches and microwaves, providing hand sanitizer and keeping employees aware of social distancing practices. But she feels that the company can afford to do much more.

"They care about money, not about their people," he said. "But we robots, or I mean associates, are what keep that business running."

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Amazon said it would do everything possible to keep the building clean, and said the employee diagnosed with COVID-19 is now quarantined at his home. The company said it has also asked everyone in close contact with that employee to be quarantined.

But Williamson said employees still touched the same shipping materials, so everyone is in close contact.

"Close it for two days," he said. "Disinfect it,quot;.

The Inland Empire has thousands of distribution warehouses, and almost all Southern California essentials pass through the facility every day.

Many worry about a possible disruption in the supply chain if any of them had to be closed due to a local coronavirus outbreak.

"We have people who still come to work sick because they cannot afford to stay home," said Williamson.

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April, the mother of an Amazon employee said her daughter is one of those who is going to work sick.

"She said I feel like I have a sore throat, that I am going to urgent care," April said.

Because April's daughter works in the same facility as the positive employee, she also underwent a test, although her doctor said she had no other signs of the disease.

But with the bills piling up, he went to work while waiting for the test results.

"She said she would go to work to see if they let her work, and that she is not home yet," April said. "So I guess she is going to work."

Amazon said that employees who feel the need for self-quarantine can use paid or unpaid licenses.


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