What does Tom Brady have to do with Trump's coronavirus response?

<pre><pre>What does Tom Brady have to do with Trump's coronavirus response?

What does Tom Brady have to do with the federal government's response to the coronavirus pandemic?

Let us explain.

President Trump mentioned the former quarterback Patriots at his press conference Thursday afternoon.

His comments were spurred by a report by The Washington Post about a conference call held with US governors about the actions of the Trump administration.

According to the SendWashington Gov. Jay Inslee disagreed with Trump's statement on the call that "his administration was ready to be the,quot; backer "for states in crisis."

"We don't need a backup. We need Tom Brady," Inslee said in response.

Later Thursday, Trump took the opportunity to stab the press and work on a referral from the NFL star.

"Someone on the fake news said one of the governors said," Oh, we need Tom Brady. "I said yes … he said it positively, he said,"We need Tom Brady. "

"He was serious, but they took it differently, they think Tom Brady should lead the effort," Trump continued. "That's just fake news, and I like Tom Brady, I talked to him the other day and he's a great guy."

You can see Trump's comments on Brady here:

Brady, 42, recently signed a deal to join the Tampa Bay Buccaneers as his new quarterback. While he doesn't have any experience leading a nation through a public health crisis, he does have experience leading a soccer team to a Super Bowl title – six of them, in fact.

Brady and Trump have known each other for a long time, and the quarterback was caught in a political storm in 2015 when a "Make America Great Again,quot; hat was seen in his locker.

It is unknown whether Trump spoke to Brady "the other day," as the president claimed.

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