Watch Courteney Cox hilariously Trivia Friends Trivia

<pre><pre>Watch Courteney Cox hilariously Trivia Friends Trivia

While some fans may have every episode of friends memorized Courteney Cox could use a review.

The 55-year-old actress tested her knowledge of the show in the Wednesday episode of the series. Jimmy Kimmel Live! Mini monologue at home. Monica Geller's star faced off against Jimmy Kimmelcousin Antonio in a few rounds of friends trivia.

Questions focused on Cox's character; however, she did not seem very sure to answer them correctly.

"I don't even remember being on the show. I have a very bad memory," he told the late-night presenter, then added, "I obviously remember loving everyone there and having fun and I remember certain moments in my life." The life I was there, but I don't remember episodes … I fail every test. "

Still, the celebrity agreed to give the game a try. From quizzing contestants on the names of Monica's parents to quizzing them on Monica's first kiss, Kimmel covered a lot of ground. In the end, his cousin won the game with a final score of five to zero.

However, Cox is reviewing it. friends knowledge. Like many people, she is watching the show while distancing herself socially.

"I just started the first season," he said. "Is very good."

Many fans enthusiastically await the friends special meeting on HBO Max. In fact, Cox said he was supposed to be filmed earlier this week. However, according to Deadline, the outbreak was postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Watch the video to see her play the game.



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