Trump has no authority to postpone elections – Deadline

<pre><pre>Joe Biden Will Try To Raise TV Profile With Monday's "Presentation" - Deadline

Joe Biden appeared in the last Jimmy Kimmel & # 39; s Quarantine monologue, The substitute for Kimmel's web series as his show has been shelved due to the coronavirus, and the topic focused on whether President Donald Trump will attempt to postpone the 2020 elections due to the crisis.

"Is it possible that Trump can postpone the presidential elections?" Kimmel asked, repeating a scenario that many Democrats fear will happen if the pandemic continues until the fall.


"No, he doesn't have the authority to do that," said Biden. "They may start playing the drum saying it should be postponed." He added that a friend, historian Jon Meacham, noted that elections have been held during previous crises, including during the Civil War and World War I and II.

"Democracy and managing this crisis must be done at the same time," said Biden.

Kimmel, at his Los Angeles home, interviewed Biden from his makeshift studio at his Wilmington, DE home. Biden's appearance with the nightly host was among a series of media announcements he has been making this week to counter Trump's dominance of airwaves. On Friday night, Biden is scheduled to participate in a virtual CNN town hall on the coronavirus.

As he has said in previous interviews, Biden said that Trump, while not responsible for the virus, is to blame for a slow response.

"I don't quite understand the unwillingness to move quickly and let science dictate," said Biden.

He said he learned from his experience as Vice President that when it comes to epidemics, "speed matters: faster is better than slower, no matter what you're implementing." After Kimmel asked him why Trump has not invoked the Defense Production Act to accelerate the manufacture of medical equipment and supplies, Biden said: "Honestly, Jimmy, I don't know. He hasn't done what is rational."

Biden, who has already said he plans to choose a woman as a running mate, said he is starting to form a committee to examine possible elections, which he says will be five to seven names. He did not mean what the possible options would be.

“I have to start the background checks. I have to start that, ”said Biden. "It sounds a little presumptuous because Bernie is still in the race. I feel almost guilty. "

Kimmel also asked Biden about a video Trump retweeted earlier this week, with a photo of him coughing, the obvious implication that Biden is too ill to be president.

"I think he is concerned about my health. He's very concerned, "Biden said sarcastically.

Kimmel made no secret that he will not vote for Trump in November. As they discussed the massive unemployment claims already filed, Kimmel said: "I am not hiding the fact that I hope (Trump) seeks unemployment in November."

Kimmel will return with new episodes of Jimmy Kimmel Live next week, although he will continue receiving from home.



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