This is how social distance has been so far for Athiya Shetty

<pre><pre>This is how social distance has been so far for Athiya Shetty

While the entire nation is under domestic quarantine as a precaution against mortals Coronavirus, our Bollywood stars also practice social distancing in their homes. Meanwhile, several of them have turned to social media to show us what they have been up to. Exercise, cook, do household chores, and spend time with family – the stars enjoy relaxed living. Speaking of which, Athiya Shetty revealed how she is doing with her routine. The actress said: "I think right now is the true test of humanity: being responsible citizens and taking time off to reflect and just be …" She added in more detail about her routine: "I am using this time to spend time with the family, working at home with my favorite coach: my dad, cleaning my room and around the house. I managed to finish two books … "

During this phase, Athiya is learning new skills. She revealed: "Also something new that I am enjoying is cooking! It is so therapeutic. I think the idea is to establish some kind of routine and be so positive, we are all in this together."

Very well said, Athiya! We hope you enjoy the art of cooking while staying safe and healthy.

Athiya Shetty



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