The Hart family murder and suicide is explored in the documentary Trailer

<pre><pre>The Hart family murder and suicide is explored in the documentary Trailer

More than two years have passed since Jen Y Sarah Hart He drove his SUV with his six foster children to the side of a cliff.

Since then, friends, family, and strangers have struggled to understand how such a disaster could occur, seemingly with no indication of the family's fatal fate. Except, the thing is, there were a lot of warning signs.


Podcasters, documentary filmmakers, and Internet detectives can tell readers everything about the alleged child abuse and domestic assault that supposedly loving mothers carried out behind closed doors. Of course, this information only came to light after the fact.

Now, however, these people are revealing the true facts and events that played a role in this tragedy, including the friends they produce. Rachel Morgan He says they were initially "defending,quot; the Harts.

She tells E! News release in a statement: "It was important for us to get into the unbiased documentary and let the story tell itself in whatever form it took. I felt it was crucial to allow friends silenced by the harassment to speak point of view. "

"I felt it was just as important to share the cold and hard facts of the investigation and the investigation without covering it with sugar," he adds.

Despite the cold and hard events, investigators were unable to determine with certainty whether the accident was intentional or not. "I can fairly say that several of the questions asked today (will never) never be answered," Mendocino County, California Sheriff Tom allman He told reporters in March 2018: "He was not a witness. We don't know what happened."

Fans can watch the documentary "A Thread of Deceit,quot; in its entirety when it becomes available on VOD and all digital platforms on April 7.

Until then, true crime fanatics can brush up on the details of the story here.



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