The "Desperately Seeking Susan" Star Was 69 – Deadline

<pre><pre>The "Desperately Seeking Susan" Star Was 69 - Deadline

Mark Blum, a veteran New York stage actor whose credits also include roles in the film. Desperately searching for Susan and the Amazon TV series Your, has died due to complications of the coronavirus. He was 69 years old.

His death was announced by the Off Broadway Playwrights Horizons theater company. SAG-AFTRA confirmed the news.

Blum's Broadway credits include Gore Vidal's The Best Man and Neil Simon's Lost In Yonkers, among many others.

With love and heavy hearts, Playwrights Horizons pays tribute to Mark Blum, a longtime dear friend and accomplished artist who passed away this week. Thank you, Mark, for all that you brought to our theater, to theaters and audiences around the world. We will miss you, ”Playwrights Horizons theater company said in a tweet. (See it below)

Blum is survived by his wife, actress Janet Zarish.




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