Roy Wood Jr. reveals how he and his children are dealing with quarantine

Roy Wood Junior

On Tuesday night, comedian Roy Wood Junior shared a clip on Twitter revealing how he and his son are dealing with the global quarantine. BET reported on a tweet from the comic explaining why it was so easy to care for their children during this time.

With a microphone in hand, his son asked him what was going on in the world and Roy claims that we are all in "unprecedented times,quot; right now, and he thinks "parenthood is a moving target." You can check out the rest of Roy's comments in the Twitter post below:

Roy is not the only celebrity talking about how easy it is to raise a child right now. The host of the show, The Daily Show Trevor Noah said on his account that it was very easy to care for his 3-year-old son, although, if he was in his teens, it could be more challenging.

Trevor joked that if his son were a teenager, he would be fighting with his son regularly, but considering that he is only 3 years old, he just needs to give him Graham crackers and chocolate milk and everything works fine.

Going back to Wood, the comedian talked about being a great father before, including during an interview with Jet Magazine three years ago in 2017. Roy shared that he would likely get the award for best father of the year because he put his son on hold 1.7 times for week on average.

Kevin Hart, who spoke to Ellen DeGeneres last week and explained how she has been doing stand-up for her family at home, stood up to reveal how she has been spending her time lately in the midst of self-imposed quarantine throughout the world.


Kevin joked with the popular TV presenter that he has not done well because his family has not laughed yet. Also, Kevin later shared that he hadn't visited his hairdresser at all lately, and his hair is starting to turn gray. Hart admitted that he was actually starting to like it.

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