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RHOA: Noelle Robinson shares how she met his girlfriend Alexis Powell

Noelle and Alexis

In a poignant scene in Real Housewives of Atlanta, Noelle Robinson came out as sexually fluent for her mother Cynthia Bailey. It was revealed that he recently introduced his girlfriend Alexis Powell to his family and is now talking about how they met.

Last season viewers saw Cynthia and Noelle struggling to cope with their only son who was leaving for college. Robinson not only found out that she no longer wanted to attend Howard University, but also found out a lot about herself.

After the scene aired in which she told a super caring Bailey that she likes both men and women, the duo received praise. Fans loved Noelle's bravery and were impressed by Cynthia's acceptance.

The aspiring actress went to YouTube to answer questions about her personal life.

He explained where and how he met his girlfriend Alexis Powell.

‘We met at school. I think I met her like, maybe the third day of school? I literally approached her … I was doing a little survey on YouTube, and I said to my friend, 'Come on, you have to come here with me and do this survey' because I just wanted to talk to her, whatever, see what it was about.

Then she explained that they walked and talked a lot, which led them to hang out the next day.

Alexis has been accepted by her mother and will soon be a new adoptive family. The gang can often be seen at Noelle's tik-toks, where Alexis has also made multiple appearances.

In the YouTube video, she also addresses why she left Howard.

Noelle says that DC was not for her because she is more interested in being in the entertainment industry. He added that filming his move-in day also added to the public attention he received at HBCU.


She now lives in Los Angeles with Mike Hill.

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