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Pennsylvania grocery store loses $ 35,000 in food after woman deliberately coughed on produce

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# Roommates, with the continuing food shortages across the country due to the coronavirus outbreak, people appreciate the ability to get the essentials they need from their local supermarkets. Apparently, a Pennsylvania woman doesn't care about the welfare of others because she recently deliberately coughed on grocery store items, causing the store to lose more than $ 30K in food.

According to @Complex, Gerrity & # 39; s, a grocery store in Hanover Township, Pennsylvania, recently had to throw it away An estimated $ 35,000 in food earlier this week after Margaret Cirko, 35, started walking around the store and purposely coughed on store items as part of a prank. Store co-owner Joe Fasula said the woman entered the store and initially walked to the produce section before stopping at the meat, bakery and delicatessen section, all while coughing on various items at each location.

Cirko was arrested and taken to the Luzerne County Correctional Facility on $ 50,000 bail. A store manager told Fasula what happened and then saw the surveillance video of the store, which he described in this way:

"Can you see her. She enters through the door. He coughs into his hand, smiles, looks around, walks, and leans over to the produce box and coughs. Obviously, when I received the news, I was literally speechless. I felt bad because the manager panicked me and said, "What do I do?" I was stunned for a moment trying to find an answer, because what are you doing? "

Gerrity immediately notified the local health inspector to watch the video that allowed them to properly identify each item the woman coughed and throw it away. The store then had to be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected.

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