Opening day missing? Strat-O-Matic is simulating the 2020 MLB season

<pre><pre>Opening day missing? Strat-O-Matic is simulating the 2020 MLB season

For those who crave baseball, Strat-O-Matic has it covered.

The gaming company known for its card-and-dice-based odds games is helping baseball fans quench their thirst for The Show as the season is suspended by simulating the MLB 2020 campaign until the first launch of True Day. Opening, whenever.

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For now, it's one of the more interactive alternatives, while the MLB season is postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic. Fans can help select lineups through, where they can also check stats, lineups, rankings, and more, every day at 2 p.m. ET.

Every MLB player has a card, but injured players will not be included in games. However, simulations can project when players will be healthy, so current injured stars like Justin Verlander and Aaron Judge have a chance to be a part of simulations later.

Strat-O-Matic has already put up multiple polls on Twitter and its website, urging fans to vote on lineups, starting pitchers, and more.

So for those who don't own a copy of "MLB The Show 20,quot; or don't feel like dusting off their copy of "MVP Baseball 2005,quot;, this may be the way for you. Until then, we look forward to the true opening day.



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