Nick Viall has the best reaction to the rumors that Peter and Kelley are dating

<pre><pre>Bachelor Nation Now Sends Nick Viall and Kelley Flanagan

When Single Peter Weber issued Kelley Flanagan at home it seemed safe to assume things were insurance between the pilot and the lawyer.

After all, he chose three other women over her, one of whom was accused of ruining multiple relationships. And, weeks later, when Kelley attended the launch party for Chris Harrison and Seagram's Tropical Escapes Rosé, he told E! News: "I promise I don't date Peter. I don't date Peter."


Kelley even said of Madi and Peter: "Good luck to both of you and I wish you well.

At the same event, she was seen with ex Single Nick Viall, sparking romance rumors and inspiring messages of encouragement from other Bachelor Nation members. Hannah Ann Sluss He commented in a photo of the couple, "Wow! I am enjoying this,quot;, while Dean Unglert wrote, "WOW DATE,quot;.

And for a second, it seemed like Nick had a chance. "She's not with Peter," she wrote in an Instagram photo of him and Kelley.

But now, it looks like Kelley is out of the market. She and Peter were seen this week in Chicago, where a witness told E! News that was definitely "vibrating,quot;.


Very soon, images of the new reality star and Chicago native were pasted on social media as more and more people became aware of the sighting.

Finally, Nick turned to Instagram to say, "I correct myself."

Chris Harrison, who previously told Nick he was "here,quot; about the possible romance between him and Kelley, commented, "Shooters shoot."

"I rescinded my 'omg date' comment. You deserve better," added Dean.

Neither Kelley nor Peter have commented on their recent trip to Chicago, but the two fingers crossed are finally practicing social distancing!



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