Home Entertainment Luke Parker's birthday message to Madison Prewett raises his eyebrows

Luke Parker's birthday message to Madison Prewett raises his eyebrows

<pre><pre>Bachelorette & # 39; s Luke P. defends Madison from the Fantasy Suite drama

Happy Birthday, Madison Prewett!

The Bachelor Star turned 24 on Wednesday and received some sweet thanks from her fellow franchisees.

"Happy Birthday!!!!!" Raven Gates wrote in the comments section.

"BEAUTY QUEEN," Vanessa Grimaldi additional.

Fans also noted that Luke Parker He left a message.

"Happy birthday," wrote the celebrity of season 15.

Prewett thanked him for the note.

After viewing the post, some followers started making a few submissions.

"They should go out," wrote a fan in the comment section.

"It would be the perfect match," added another.

"Here for this," wrote a third.

However, not everyone agreed.

"Just (because) they both have religious beliefs doesn't mean it would be a party," wrote one commenter. "I can't deal with people."

"Ohh noo girl," wrote another in response to a fan who was expecting an affair, "but Madi could teach you one or two things."

As fans will remember, Parker appeared on Hannah brownthe season of High school. However, she sent him home after her comments about sex, including that he "didn't think that was something she (she) should be doing,quot; and that he wanted to "make sure (she) didn't have sex with him. other relationships here. " He also said that he "would want to go home,quot; if he had been intimate with the other men. Brown told her that he had no right to judge or question her.

"I have had sex and Jesus still loves me," she said at the time.

As for Prewett, she appeared on Peter Weberthe season of The Bachelor. Before the fantasy suite dates, the foster parent recruiter told the pilot that it would be "really difficult,quot; for her to move forward if she slept with the other women. Weber later told him that he had been intimate with the other women, and Prewett eventually left the program. In fact, Parker claimed that he was proud of Prewett for "staying firm in his convictions."

Weber and Prewett met at After the final rose. However, not everyone seemed happy about it, including Weber's mother, who had an awkward exchange with her. Although it seemed that they were going to give their relationship another chance, the two announced days later that they were going their separate ways.

In fact, Weber was recently seen with another Bachelor Nation member: Kelley Flanagan. The two were photographed hanging out in Chicago. Prewett also contacted Bachelorette party alum Connor Saeli; however, a source told E! News their exchange was "purely platonic,quot;.




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