Laura Bell Bundy tests positive for coronavirus

Laura Bell Bundy

First reported on page six of the New York Post, Lauren Bell Bundy tested positive for COVID-19, also known as coronavirus. On his Instagram account this week, the 38-year-old Broadway star announced he was tested and the results were positive.

On his Instagram, the star said he would go to his Instagram Live to talk about the condition and answer any questions people have about it, including what his symptoms are like and how he's been taking care of himself.

Fans of the actress know that she is one of the most popular artists on Broadway. She worked on Legally Blonde Y Hair spray, and also appeared in the classic television series, How I found your mother. His talent also extends to music with the release of a country music album.

Page Six claims that the Kentucky native has a 10-month-old son named Huck with Thom Hinkle. He works as a television executive. Lauren would not be the only actress to contract the disease since the pandemic began and came to the United States.

Before the country closed, Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson went to their Instagram account to explain that they also contracted the coronavirus. Tom and his wife revealed that they were in Australia filming a movie.

Due to feeling sick, including typical flu symptoms, they decided to get tested and ended up testing positive. The news was a particular shock to his fans, considering Tom's fame and apparent spontaneity.

Other stars to hire COVID-19 include Idris Elba, the British actor who turned to his social media to update fans on his condition. Later, his wife, Sabrina, also contracted the coronavirus. Earlier this week, Elba dispelled conspiracy theories shared by Cardi B and other black celebrities.


Cardi speculated whether celebrities could be paid to say they contracted the disease. Elba suggested that the theory was absurd and that they had nothing to gain by pretending that they had understood it.

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